What's Happening at Dancing Donkey Farm?

Spring & Summer 2019

Our farm helpers are of all ages. This young helper is handling one of our Freedom Ranger chicks and helped to gather eggs from the chicken coop (right). 

Our helpers enjoy gathering eggs from the chicken coop.

Check out these two helpers as they empty the duck water basins (above and right). 

Of course there's always time for a break (above).

Sunset at the farm is a time to sit back relax and take pride in the work that has been done (below). 

Beautifying the chicken coop with fresh flowers (above).

Our summer garden at it's peak. We feel blessed to have this bounty (above).

Mike with a squash from our garden (above).

During a walkabout on the farm we spied this beautiful mushroom (above).

Flowers to help attract pollinators to the garden (above).

Temporary processing site. Under the trees (above).

2018 Dancing Donkey Farm