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Progress being made with the processing facility. We hope to finish the building for our 2021 season. Having this facility will enable us to sell at farmer's markets, to restaurants, through grocery stores, as well as drop off locations.

Building 1.jpg

Dwarf lemon tree in the green house.

Lemon 2020.jpg
Bee on purple flower.jpeg

Amanda taking care of our bees. 

Bee keeper.jpeg

Why are we raising bees? First and foremost, we do it as a humanitarian effort to preserve the honey bee for future generations. Wild bees have experienced a significant reduction in numbers because of pesticides, herbicides, predators, disease, and climate change. These forces put bees at risk of extinction. Bees are needed pollinators. Without them our food supply would be significantly impacted. 

Does in their rabbit tractor. These girls eat fresh forage material every day. 

rabbit tractor 2020 A.jpg
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