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Natural and sustainable farming the way you would do it if you had the time.


Dancing Donkey Farm was incorporated as a limited liability company on January 10, 2018. Our mission is to produce food that is free of all pesticides, chemicals, herbicides, corn, and soy with the least amount of environmental disruption as possible. At Dancing Donkey Farm we look at our food production in an integrated fashion from start to finish. We have chosen to use methods that are gentle to the earth, elements, and other living beings. We have incorporated this philosophy into every aspect of the farm.


In 2017 we completed our Washington State Integrated Forest Management Plan as part of our commitment to being good stewards of the beautiful land that we live on. We are constantly looking for ways to reuse our resources which means we can tread more lightly on this earth. For example, to reduce water consumption we installed the first greywater system in Grays Harbor. The greywater is used to irrigate the orchard reducing our environmental impact. 


Our chickens are raised on 'Naturally Free Organic', soy and corn free feed that is locally sourced. This enables us to grow chickens and harvest eggs for individuals who are corn and/or soy sensitive. By sourcing locally, we not only reduce fuel consumption but we also support small businesses in our community. Our meat birds come from a small supplier of GMO free chicks. None of our chickens are given antibiotics or hormones, and are allowed to free range on open pasture which we believe makes for a happier healthier bird. Our ducks come from a family farm and like the chickens receive the same food plus a little brewer's yeast to supplement their diet.

Please visit our SHOP page to see what is currently available and reserve your chicken or duck because we know not everyone has the time to raise their own food.

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